50 Posts!


Build Threads has reached 50 posts since its inception just over 2 months ago, here are some statistics to celebrate the milestone.

Most Popular Top 5 Posts:
1. The Bucket Mk1 VW Golf
2. Project Datsun 1600 Part 7
3. Syborg Twin Turbo – 4.3l v6 TT Mini-Truck
4. Race Taxi 993 Turbo Kombi
5. KP61 Starlet

Total number of views: 6,102 (as of 4:18pm 5th May 2009 Eastern Australian Time)

Forums & Blogs where links to Build Threads have been posted by readers:
(in no particular order)
JDM Style Tuning
Evolution OZ
Engineered To Slide
Bolly Blog
Motor Mania
AE86 Driving Club
One Ten
Dori Kaze
VW Tolosa Club

Japanese Track & Street
AL’s Car Stuff

Thanks to everyone for reading, please keep spreading the word, and stay tuned for a special future post when we reach 50 Build Threads featured.

– Anth

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