Buy a sticker pack, get a sketch!

* UPDATE 3-NOV-14: Deal is now closed, thanks for your orders everyone.


I’ve posted about this on the Facebook page, but then I realised that Facebook strangles the reach of my posts to about 10% of the 12,000+ of you that have liked the page. Thanks, jerks! So I thought I’d post about this little deal here. What started out as an accident has turned into something I’ve quite enjoyed, as I jokingly offered to sketch peoples cars if they order a sticker pack after doing one by my own accord. Well, I’m going to continue this offer for the next 5 people who order 1x “The Lot” sticker pack, so get ordering!



11 thoughts on “Buy a sticker pack, get a sketch!”

  1. I sure will, Dan! I have had to order more stickers, as I didn’t have enough to fulfill the latest round of orders. Sorry for the delay.

  2. Got my decals in the mail today along with the sketch Anth! Love it all! I’m posting a pic and a nice plug for your site in my build thread on the forum I run. Great to see there are still those out there who place value in adding a personal touch to a transaction. Keep up the great work, easily on of my top 5 most visited and loved sites on the internet!

  3. Thanks Dan, appreciate the kind words! Just make sure you let people know that the sticker+sketch deal has ended for now. Although I am thinking about offering them in the store on their own in the near future.

  4. Anth! I got my build-thread sticker package and absolutely loved it. Next week, I’m getting a new vehicle, and it will undoubtedly have a Build-Threads decal on it!

    Thanks again! You’re a champion and a great artist!


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