Thought I’d give a shout out to David over at Import Bible, as the other day I bought one of his ever-so-sweet shirts. This was my first IB purchase, even though I’ve been lusting over his designs for a while now. Once the Rim to Rim shirt was dropped, I had to have it. Gone are the days when car based t-shirts are restricted to “slippery when boosting” and other cheesy lines like that. Nowadays there are a few key companies churning out fresh and aesthetic designs that wouldn’t look out of place hanging on your wall (which is what I’m thinking of doing with this shirt after I wear it a couple of times). Hit up Import Bible for some sweet automotive apparel.

Another shout out goes to Jay from JDM EGO, as I also recently hit up his store to grab a set of his Renaissance stickers. Jay is one of the main reasons this blog has done so well, because once he dropped a link to Build Threads my stats shot up astronomically and they never turned back. I thought it was only fitting to rep one of his stickers on the datto as a way of saying thanks. Jay posts some of the coolest shit on the internet, plus he has a range of swag you can get your paws on like number plate frames, so hit up JDM EGO (which is a part of the Fatlace family) and don’t forget to check out his store!

Speaking of Fatlace, I also managed to get my hands on a set of their safari print release of stickers. I’m so glad I got onto these before they were sold out, they’re definitely my favourite out of all their previous releases. While over at Fatlace, I always check out Mark’s blog, the man  who founded the company back in ’99 when I was still in the middle of high school. Mark’s success as a designer, business man, and all-round car guy inspires me. (Did I mention he also has a Datsun project?!)

Okay, enough name dropping. A new build thread will be up in the next couple of days.

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  1. Thanks so much for the support ! The new website is killing them all. Quality, Quality, Quality ! Good luck with the new site !

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