As most of you have probably noticed, I’ve been playing with the header design over the last couple of weeks. It’s gone through a few different versions, but I’m pretty happy with where it’s at now. While I was messing about I threw together some quick t-shirt designs. Would people rock something like this?

16 thoughts on “Yes/No?”

  1. I dig the black one. The perspective is odd to look at and I’d lost the funky background image. Aside from that I dig it. Dope colors on black.

  2. I dig the idea of t-shirts, because this is one of my favourite car sites, but maybe something a bit more subtle? Maybe something featuring Project 510?

  3. the idea of a build threads t-shirt i reckon would be a good idea….but maybe the design needs to be refined (the current one based off the header is a bit blatant), you know something simple but flowing, something designed specifically for a t-shirt, instead of just having the logo printed on.

  4. I’m digging the idea Anth, IMO run with it!

    I do think the black t-shirt looks better than the white not sure why that is but I’d be happy to rep none the less….

  5. Yes!!
    But just have Build Threads in the front and have the website on the sleeve or on the top in the back of the the neck/collar..

  6. I would love one. I like black one.

    But how about make one with like grease stains and rust dust?

    That’s how all my garage t’s are 🙂

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