13B Turbo Rotor NA MX5/Miata

I found this build in a post on Racer86, so firstly thanks to Rob for putting it out there. I’ve seen pictures of this particular car before in full drift flight, it looks so cool slammed on Work Equip 03’s (one of my favourite wheels). It’s just one of the many MX5/Miata’s built on the west coast of America that are making these little car’s appealing to a whole new generation. They used to be synonymous with balance, poise & pure driving enjoyment (among other less-positive analogies). Nowadays, though, people are slamming/stretching/drifting them, earning a level of respect and lust from a new, younger crowd.

This particular build thread focuses on the engine & drivetrain swap, showing the ITB’d 1.8L 4cyl being thrown out in favour of a 13B Turbo rotary. Along with the engine, it also receives S5 RX7 transmission & diff amongst other upgrades.

Visit the full build thread for all the details:

7 thoughts on “13B Turbo Rotor NA MX5/Miata”

  1. Hey dude, thanks for submitting, that looks like a great build. If AMS are attached to it, then you know its gonna be good! returned the favour re: blogroll too, thanks 🙂

  2. Wow, I never knew Tyler was this popular, finding his car being featured on different sites and all, anyways, this guy is from around Cleveland, I have never seen his ITB built, since it took him 2 years to finish the 13b swap. He finally got it running about 3 months ago and he took it to BeaveRun drift events, the thing is a monster, he’s currently making 330hp at the wheels at 15psi.

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