1/4 Scale running V8 engine

EDIT: There are a lot of comments and emails asking me about pricing and availability of these engines. I have absolutely no affiliation with them at all, nor do I know how to get one or if they are even able to purchased. If you would like more information, you will have to follow the build thread and contact the owner/builder through the forum. Thank you.

For the last scale build I featured, I mentioned how it stepped things up from the one featured previous to that. We went from a completely plastic and resin model to one with milled aluminium and brass parts. Well here we are again, in the realm of small scale building, and at the risk of sounding repetitive I’m going to tell you that this one steps it up another notch from the last one. Well, “a” notch probably doesn’t sum it up quite adequately, when we’re talking about a complete RUNNING 1/4 scale V8 with fuel injection. Make sure you see the video at the bottom of the post. Simply amazing, and I can’t wait to see the builders next project, a scale V10.

Click here for more scale builds.

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47 thoughts on “1/4 Scale running V8 engine”

  1. Hello i have been looking for small v8 engine kits so i know how to do it in a real life scale, i was wondering if u know where i could buy a miniature v8 kit that runs on gas

  2. I have seen a few kits for sale, but they are about $8000. Not something you just buy every day.

  3. Hi i would like to buy a V8 engine to put in a small car i am building can we work something out and you should start selling them.

  4. I am currently scratch building a 30% ski boat designed by Glen-L from the original blue prints my Dad has had since the 60’s, and have been strongly considering one of these engines. Do you currently have a price for your engine/s? Our you building to sell?? The boat is 5′ 1″ long and 25 1/4″ beam.

    Would appreciate any info on the your engine/s, otherwise I have no choice but to make this an electric RC boat.

    Thanks for your time, Mike, Goodyear, AZ 480-332-9536

  5. Please could someone let me know where my father and I could purchase the plans to build one of these engines? We are looking for a new project.

  6. Where can i buy or order one of these miniature engine kits to build it myself im from south africa in guateng

  7. Found one engine @ ministeam.com built by comely Add to Cart
    Conley V8 Stinger 609 Engine
    Ref: COStinger609


    Supercharger as Shown in Picture $1,695

    Test Stand $1,695

    Polished Exhaust $559

    Painted Valve Cover $125

  8. Hi there.

    I am looking to build a working model, can’t seem to find where I can get the kits from.

    Can anyone help me find a place where I can order the kit to build.


  9. Are there any mini engine clubs in louisville kentucky ? I’m part of a charity car. Show and would love to have some displayed at our show for everyone to see.. Write. Me if you know of one

  10. hello my name is sam and i would like to buy an engine from you.
    i like a v8 or v12 it’s impossible to buy a working engine in the Netherlands.
    i hope to hear from you.


  11. hello my name is brandon and i would like to buy an engine from you.
    i like a v8 it’s impossible to buy a working engine in the uk.
    i hope to hear from you.


  12. pleasure to see such skill put to making a engine like that
    i am just finishing a Bently BR2 after 10 years on/off andlooking forward to seeing it run

  13. My word. That is so amazing. I found this looking for a commercially available model. I am in absolute awe of those skills and wish I was able to produce something so damn cool.

  14. Why post this stuff up here if your not interested in answering folks your just a show off take the crap off the internet until you’re ready to do something with your idea and share WTF is your problem….. Just a tease.GTH outta here u suck…..

  15. Would like a replica of motor of a carTriumph TR.6 so could use it to learn how to work. On a regular engine can you help me get in touch with some one who can help me please

  16. How much does these small motors cost?
    Who sells these motors?
    Thanks Richard Cain

  17. I am a 100% disabled veteran with a history of being a jet engine mechanic while in the Air Force. I would appreciate a 1/4 scale running motor in return for a honest review of the 1/4 scale running motor. Thank you for listening, John Moore

  18. im in to 1/4 scale cars and would to have one for drag racing how do i go by getting one

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