1959 Ford Thames / BMW 2002

Here’s another build to go with the other chassis-swap projects that have been previously featured. This time it’s a 1959 Ford Thames van being sat on top of a shortened BMW 2002 chassis, built by it’s owner, Mike Pugh. Kindly submitted by Mikael.

So, after featuring a handful of projects like this, it begs the question; what would your ultimate chassis-swap project be?

For more info head to http://www.britishv8.org/Other/MikePugh.htm

4 thoughts on “1959 Ford Thames / BMW 2002”

  1. My ultimate chassis swap/build would be a 240Z body with the ZG body on top of an R34 GT-R chassis. With an RB26/30 DET swap (RB26 head, 30 block) and a full single turbo conversion.

  2. sounds awesome and pretty similar to what I’d love to do, Jeff, a 510 body on an S15 chassis. If only we could win the lotto hey…

  3. This is an astounding peice of work!!

    I’m seriously thinking of doing this swap to my Morris Minor!

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