1972 Pontiac LeMans 7MGTE

A short time ago, Ralf emailed me all the way from Hamburg to show me his car. I love finding out about the distant places this blog reaches.

Ralf is the Editor-In-Chief of Chromjuwelen.com and he drives a tasty concoction of automotive parts. How’s this for unique, a 1972 Pontiac LeMans with a Toyota 7MGTE engine swap humbly known as the LeSupra.

Click here for documentation of the LeSupra build

Click here for construction image gallery

Click here for video

Click here for press-links

2 thoughts on “1972 Pontiac LeMans 7MGTE”

  1. Very interesting I love the idea now is the tranny manual 5 on the floor
    Or the original 2spd power glide

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