1JZ Nissan Cefiro

When I first stumbled across Liam’s Cefiro build it was still in it’s infancy, and I remember thinking to myself “I hope he goes through with this”. As we all know, time and time again build threads are started but sadly not finished, however this was not to be the case. In a matter of months the thread detailed the transformation of a very stock looking Cefiro into a 1JZ powered, kitted and slammed drift/street machine. The updates came in thick and fast, with great photography and a very cool shared workspace, the build is now close enough to completion to be enjoyed by the masses…

CLICK HERE for the full build thread.


8 thoughts on “1JZ Nissan Cefiro”

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  2. I’ve been watching your build on Ratsun, too! Keep at it and I’ll throw it up on the site when it’s done (or close to done) 🙂

  3. Was so excited for this but it seems his bandwidth has been exceeded. Guess i’ll actually have to get on with some work!

  4. All the images in the thread are down (bandwidth exceeded)… very disappointing… looks like a nice project.

  5. Hey, just wondering what cross memeber and engine mounts did u use? As I am attempting to do this myself aswell. Cheers

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