2JZ DeLorean

No need for a flux capacitor here! It seems that people will put a 2JZ into just about anything, even collectibles. Chances are you’ll see this build everywhere over the next couple of weeks, I spotted it on a post by Stanley Ku on The Real JDM but an anonymous Build Threads reader also submitted it here, so thank you whoever you are.

On with the show…

Build Thread: http://www.supraforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=502808

The Real JDM

The Ku Cars

8 thoughts on “2JZ DeLorean”

  1. That is one obscenely gorgeous build. It really makes me want to see it in person, and actually hear it. I’m also curious as to how it handles, with the rear end lightened.

  2. Interested in the same build.. Any info.. I have an 81 DMC one of Two..My second car I enjoy playing with had for 30 years.. First car gave to my son bought new..in 81.. Could use build info for a smooth project. Possible purchase of needed components.. Have my own repair shop mainly collision since 1977.. Thanks Tom @ A-1 Autobody @ 781 RT 25A Rockypoint NY 11778.. 631-209-2039

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