’72 Chevrolet Crew-Cab Pickup

Every few days I’ll get a build submission emailed to me, sometimes they’re great, sometimes not so great. But this particular submission – apart from being a great build – interested me for a different reason, it took me back to when I launched this blog back in February of 2009 (3 years strong!). That’s because this build is hosted on the same forum as the ’69 Chevy Tahoe that was a part of the first handful of posts I ever made. What we have here is a custom built 1972 Chevy crew-cab pickup. Since Chevrolet never built a crew-cab in this model, the owner has constructed his own version by splicing a pickup with a Suburban and resting the whole thing on an aired-out 2002 Silverado chassis. Peep below to dive into the very detailed 100+ page thread.


CLICK HERE for the full build thread.


15 thoughts on “’72 Chevrolet Crew-Cab Pickup”

  1. I am incredibly in love with this truck. The fact that the body looks totally OEM is what seals the deal for me. Real gearheads will look at this at car shows and just assume it was made by GM back in the day. So much win here. So. Much. Win.

  2. Looks great. Reminds me of the Dodge “Suburban” I saw once where a guy grafted the rear of a Ramcharger onto the back of a Dodge crewcab pickup!

  3. I was wondering if anyone has done this type of modification before or knows of anyone that has made this before. I would like to make my 1972 Chevy Suburban into a Chevy crew cab and add the fourth to the suburban since it only has three doors. I think most of the parts will match up with a few I have the suburban already but it doesn’t run. I basically want to add the shell to a 2000 Chevy crew cab. I want to add the cab to a newer chassis leave the motor, transmission, transfer case, wiring harness, and all of the rest of the parts that come with the motor. I would like to know if anyone has done this type of modification before.

    I think everything will match up from the old 1972 Chevy Suburban to the 2000 Chevy crew cab truck. I want to get some guidance and tricks that someone might have. I going to have to get an extra cab and cut the back part of the cab and weld it to the rest of the suburban. With the right measurements this will fit perfect with the doors closing and everything. The only thing I’m going to have a hard time is the fabrication of the left rear door. This is going to have to be totally custom and to figure out how to get the door to line up with the lock mechanism.

    I know this is not going to be an easy project but I know that this will look really nice and different.

  4. Great Job on Your Crew cab. I got a 1971 Suburban, 350 with a factory 4 speed. Its a 4 wheel drive half ton, I plan on up grading to three quarter ton axles from a 72. I put a add in our county paper looking for a suburban 67 to 72.Got a call the same day the paper came out. A Old Buddy of Mine His Dad had it for working in woods. Any way its got rust. He let it go for $150.You Site going to use to convert mine. Thanks for information on how to convert it.

  5. i’m inquiring about how built this truck. I would love to have one, can you help me locate them? contact me 801-721-3191

  6. Hey! That’s me! I was just searching pictures and ran across this blog about my blog. I’m still driving it everyday and loving it. I still post action shots on the main site of me using it if anyone wants to see.

  7. I was wondering if there was any way you could put all the pictures onto a cd or few cds and send them to me so I can blow them up and have a better look on how you accomplished certain things thank you

  8. I have an orginal crewcab that was built by scott manufacturing to GM specs and sold through Gm dealers
    The originals used four front doors

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