’72 Martini Porsche RSR recreation

Continuing the trend of international readers submitting builds, Arlo from Belgium brought this amazing car to my attention. A very dedicated British enthusiast named Mike flew all the way over to Arizona in the US to purchase a ’72 911 RSR replica. As if that long-distance acquisition wasn’t impressive enough, once it was transported it back to the UK it was promptly torn down and received an intense restoration, with attention paid to the utmost detail. The actual car that this Porsche is based on is the 107 Martini Targa Florio car, and Mike intends to take his recreation over to Sicily once it’s complete to participate in a re-run of the event. This pleases me.


CLICK HERE for the full build thread.


3 thoughts on “’72 Martini Porsche RSR recreation”

  1. LOVE it! The attention to detail is very inspiring. I wish I had the patience for details that this guys has!

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