73 Plymouth Cuda

Aaron Beck is a concept designer and die-hard car guy from New Zealand, and if you’ve ‘liked’ the Build Threads Facebook page you would have seen me post a link to his amazing E-body photoshops a while back. Aaron contacted me to tell me all about his Cuda project that he’s been documenting, so I’ll let his words give you a quick rundown:

I’m currently building up my ’73 Plymouth ‘Cuda into a tough street/track car. It’s old-school mopar through and through, with a 440 big block and 4 speed. It’s my first car, first build, and I’m doing all the work myself. Here’s a bit of detail about the plans: – Fully stitch welded body, lots of custom bracing, including 8 point half cage. – Fiberglass fenders and hood. – Hotchkis suspension. – Lots of custom touches, including steering quickener, hood tach, handbrake, camera mounts etc…

Interested? Read on…














CLICK HERE to head to Aarons blog and read all about the build (hit the archives on the side-bar to start from the beginning) There’s much more in store for this Cuda, so make sure to keep up with future progress. .

4 thoughts on “73 Plymouth Cuda”

  1. That is going to be a beast! Great find and will be watching this all the way to completion. One of my all time favourite cars and would love to find a nice cheap example in the UK (I can dream right??!)

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