’79 Mustang Pace Car

There’s a couple of reasons why I love this build. First of all, coming from Australia I’ve never seen a Mustang of this year, let-alone a modified one. I’ve seen plenty of mid/late 60s, early 70s, and a few current models, but never one like this. I guess I’d have to go to a Mustang-specific show to see one in the flesh. Secondly, how freaking cool are retro pace car graphics!? This retired race marshal receives a new millennium freshen-up, with air ride, some big billet wheels, a carbon/suede combo interior, and a DOHC supercharged donk set to be fitted in the not too distant future.

Submitted by Dan, a friend of Tom who built the car. What a guy!

CLICK HERE for the full build thread.


7 thoughts on “’79 Mustang Pace Car”

  1. Very nice.

    @ Biff – the entire custom car / hot rod / street machine scenes might disagree with your air = rice comment….haha

  2. I don’t know about entire, anyone who wants their car to handle remotely well isn’t going to have air bags

  3. The RideTech suspensions actually handle very well for air systems. Go on youtube and check out their auto x clips.

  4. Looks sweet. I love how retro graphics are coming back. A properly set up air bag system can handle very well, better than a massive static drop with crazy control arm angles and positive camber gain, among other things.

  5. Looks like Biff has been misinformed or hasn’t studied up on the recent air ride technology. The info and facts are out there, all you got to do is be open minded enough to read it!

  6. What on earth would a guy named Biff possibly know about hot rodding and performance? lol….keep up the good work Tom. Definately the hottest pace car in existance!

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