AE86 GT-APEX Trueno

Okay, the Speedhunters posts are done and dusted for another year, hopefully I’ve picked up some new readers with the increased exposure so let’s get back to business and feature some builds. Romas emailed me his Trueno build only a couple of days ago, hailing all the way from Lithuania. The AE86 was already modified when it was shipped over from Japan, but it was quickly torn down and rebuilt to his own standards, which meant fitting a 4AGTE and some S13 suspension bits, including the IRS rear end.

Romas plans to have the Trueno completed by the time Spring hits Lithuania, so to keep up with the progress and view the build in detail, CLICK HERE.



5 thoughts on “AE86 GT-APEX Trueno”

  1. hey thats one hell of a project ;D
    wanted to ask you how much did you pay for all that ( car + parts + …)?

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