Aluminium ’71 Cuda Scale Model

The last scale model I featured was the insanely detailed scratch-built XE Falcon, but we’re going to go one step further this time. This scale model, instead of using plastic and resin, is actually built using aluminium and brass using the a mill. In the words of Bart Simpson; “fellow students, prepare to be dazzled!”

Thanks to Tim for submitting. Click here for more scale model builds.



CLICK HERE for the full build thread.


7 thoughts on “Aluminium ’71 Cuda Scale Model”

  1. please guys i need your help to build a v8 supercharged engine for my chevelle ss 454 70,,i don’t know from where i can start or how to do it so please help

  2. To whom it may concern I’m trying to find someone to build me an aluminum motor for my ford truck 1971 ford ranger but i want to put a big block chevy motor in it any help would be greatly appriciated

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