AMS 280Z 2JZ

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you had/have a great day and all the best for the holiday season, be safe on the roads.

Remember the AMS EVO X? Well the same workshop is now turning their attention to a Nissan 280Z in the form of a 2JZ transplant. The build isn’t finished yet but it’s just too good to wait. It’s being pieced together with the incredible quality of work that you can only expect from a top quality builder such as AMS Performance.

Thanks to Kyusha Kai for submiting, make sure you head over and check out his blog, it’s full of oldschool jdm goodness.

CLICK HERE for the full build thread.


9 thoughts on “AMS 280Z 2JZ”

  1. You’ve gotta warn me before you start posting this stuff, man. It’s like inviting a crew of hot topless models into the room without giving me some kind of warning ahead of time.

  2. sweet! I have that same thing going on, I just need to find some mounts (and tips)… where did you get yours? can you help me out?

  3. hay where did u guys get the mount for motor & trans for ur 280z 2jz swap? or do u guys know anyone making kits for it?

  4. where did you guys get the mounts for motor & trans for your 280z 2jz swap? Do you guys know anyone who makes a kits for it?

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