Aqua S13 restomod

It feels slightly strange using the word “restomod” to describe the build of a car that originally rolled off the production line in the 90’s, but that’s exactly what this is. Levan carefully chose a clean ’92 240sx as his project base, then set about to restore what Nissan got right while updating and modifying the areas deemed in need of improvement. The restoration portion includes such factory fresh parts as a brand new OEM sunroof and fuel tank, along with countless trims, clips and rubbers. The modifications? Just check out that gorgeous paint and the flawless 18″ Work Meisters, not to mention the fully built and turbo assisted KA24. From top to bottom (literally), this is one very clean and well thought-out car.

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CLICK HERE for the full build thread.


6 thoughts on “Aqua S13 restomod”

  1. It’s got a ka24de-t not sr20det.
    Pretty sure most s13 builds are sr20;
    IMO the shoehorned v8’s are the more interesting ones.
    In this case he kept the truck motor and put in work.
    The s13 looks like one hell of a clean build – Nice find.

  2. I kinda fely gypped when I saw it was a hatch… Just sayin. S13 coupe FTW. Incredible build nonetheless

  3. This is how rebuilds should be done congratulations on a very nice example and the color is a breath of fresh air!!! and it’s a KA24DE double awesome..

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