B18C Powered Mini

What do you do when your classic Mini no longer provides you with enough forward velocity to quench your desire for speed? Well you could supercharge it, but what if you’ve already tried that route? How about getting your hands on an aftermarket subframe conversion kit and slotting in a DOHC Honda B18C? Thanks to Michael from JDMST for submitting.

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2 thoughts on “B18C Powered Mini”

  1. Hi Jeff, my name is Michael. I live in Toronto,Ontario. It was great to see a coverstion in such classic car done in Canada. Because most I found was from England. By the way ur story on this mini is all over the web, and this what makes me want to ask a few question about this mini. Just like u, I m Asian who love car and epically MINI. I did all my research on how to converted on the engine side but never found any information on the wireing part.
    Just a few question if u can answer me that will be great!
    Here we go
    Do u use all Honda wireing?
    If no
    How did u connect organical mini wireing to the Honda vtec ecu
    What are the step did u take to make it work

    I m current antuomitive student at a collage so any technical term will do

    Thank u very much for reading ! Hope to hear from u soon Michael

  2. Hi , your mini is perfect ! I build a vtec mini too.. I want to know.. Your wheelarch , where did you get it ? Minispares ? Can you tell me the part # please

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