Bagged 52 Chev

Like I said on the Facebook page the other day, it’s a bout time for some American muscle to grace the front page! During my frequent browsing of one of my favourite hod rod and custom resources, the H.A.M.B., I found a great build of a 1952 Chev. This mid-century 2-door sits lower than a [insert something low here] on a custom frame with airbags. The thread is full of enough bare -metal fabrication of both frame and body to wet your never ending appetite for automotive construction.

CLICK HERE for the full build thread.


4 thoughts on “Bagged 52 Chev”

  1. ??? A build on the HAMB of a car with MII front suspension and Air bags?!? That place must have changed from last time I logged in……….
    Cool ride though!

  2. I know what you mean! I think forums tend to relax their ‘rules’ a bit if the owner has a good attitude and fits the overall feel of the place.

  3. I never understood the actual use or place of those ultra-low riders .. those things basically sit on the street, and might be only usable as a trash scraper or in winter as a perfect snow plower ..

    Sorry, but .. nope.

    cu, w0lf.

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