BMW E30 V8 $2010 Challenge

What better way to kick off the new year than with one of the most popular platforms in the word for modifying, the BMW E30. This E30, concocted by the team at Vorshlag, was built to compete in the Grassroots Motorsports $2010 Challenge, and then went on to win the $2012 event the following year. Watch as it goes through three engine swaps and two paint-schemes, all while being cleverly modified by the Vorshlag team to be competitive while keeping under the budget limit.

CLICK HERE for the full build thread.


5 thoughts on “BMW E30 V8 $2010 Challenge”

  1. Howdy from Vorshlag – looks like our little $2010 build made it onto Cool!! This was two year project that we built in the garage at my house, with an all-volunteer crew, where we burned about 1500 man hours hand-making everything we couldn’t afford to just buy. After a poor showing in the 2010 event, we did better set-up testing and took it to the $2011 GRM Challenge. We won the autocross, did very well in concours, and the drag racing was rained out – all the stars lined-up perfectly and we won the whole damn event!

    We were blown away, very grateful, and now we’re modifying the car beyond a GRM $20XX event’s budget. The iron block truck “LM7” 5.3L truck motor came out and an all-aluminum “L33″ 5.3L is going in, along with a fresh T5, AST 4100 coilovers, and the 18×11” CCW 3-piece wheels. We’re installing a 2nd seat and upgrading many other small items as well. As well as it did in the autocross competition, the car is a TERROR on a road course, where we’ll be using the car from now on. It also just turned 25 years old, so we can get a “Safety inspection” done and make it street legal in Texas. Yee-ha!

  2. Thanks for chiming in, Terry, and congrats on your success with the car, it looks like that extra dollar in the 2011 budget made all the difference 😀

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