BMW E46 318i to M3 Conversion

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Thanks to Phil from Phils Car Blog for submitting this build. The owner takes his unassuming 4 door E46 318i sedan and stuffs it full of angry M3 goodness. Although it might seem at first that bolt-on items such as bumpers, lights, and panels would be subject to a simple swap-over, it turns out to be quite difficult when small physical differences become apparent. Come and see the owner document the OEM quality transformation from the ground, up.

Full build thread:

4 thoughts on “BMW E46 318i to M3 Conversion”

  1. My car e46 2001 and iwanna do Thes with it how much the coast plz and indeed u to send parts to me in Egypt ???????

  2. I’ve just bought a 318ci 2.0 16v on a 51 plate wat type of price am I looking at for this m3 conversion as am very interested . Thanks Curtis

  3. Hi, I can’t access the pics or the blog properly as my brother in law thinks all he has to do is swap the engine over on his 2000 plate 318i (MPower) because he found the badges in the boot and has been told the gearbox is race spec.

  4. I’m trying to to this myself and gather Intel but the images aren’t loading. Tried different computers with a variety of browsers.

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