Building a Morgan 3-wheeler replica

A common theme that I notice with build threads and the people who create them, is that if you want something that is out of your reach, you make it yourself. That’s exactly the kind of attitude I found when perusing the non-Datsun area of The 510 Realm and stumbled across this build. The owner of a very well-sorted 510 that I follow had embarked on a new project, but it wasn’t another Datsun, hell, it wasn’t even another car. His latest build saw him decided to create his own version of the newly released Morgan 3-wheeler – and by “create” I mean make the whole damn thing from scratch – in a true exercise of garage DIY.

Click here for more 3 wheeled builds (yes, there are more of them!)





















CLICK HERE for the full build thread.

14 thoughts on “Building a Morgan 3-wheeler replica”

  1. Fffffff… Must… Go… Weld something…

    Interesting routing of header (er, “extractor”) primaries…

  2. Would it be possible to obtain a set of plans for your build if I would pay for the duplicating cost? Thank you, Bill Guentzler, 10298 Hawley Road, El Cajon, California 92021

  3. Hello
    I liked the Morgan 3-wheel. I have not seen that in Poland was a Morgan.
    I would like to build something similar to the Polish conditions. Would it be possible to get a set of plans to build.

      Thank you in advance for your answer
    Kazik Mrówka
    32-300 Olkusz
    ul.SÅ‚awkowska 8a

  4. Can someone give me the data suspension geometry for tricycles. Thank you in advance and best regards

  5. Just bought the book after enjoying your web page – looking forward to more inspiration as I gave up on my own 2CV Lomax based build.

    Best Regards from UK

  6. Lots of info at my proboards reverse trike forum, including links to other RT trike builders all over the world. There is a link to the thistle honda goldwing trike there.

  7. Love you project
    I have a couple of questions.
    First do you have reverse gear, if so how did you go about that?

    Second Where did you source your front wheels, I was thinking they would have to be car wheels rather than cycle wheel to cope with the lateral force. Is this right or where you able to use cycle wheels?

  8. I was wondering did you have a set of plans that you were working off of or did you just wing it and made it to fit your desires and materials?
    Jerry C

  9. should have bought it when i had the chance…… what the new owner did was horrible

    Mark in orange county

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