Carbon Fibre Lotus Exige

Justin Fox, the founder of JDM Style Tuning, a forum that I frequent daily, has teamed up with his partner, Christina, to create a new forum for Australian Volkswagen Golf owners (which I also now frequent daily!). is only in its infancy yet it boasts over 200 members and a quartet of forum sponsors. Justin submitted a build to me that I wouldn’t expect to see on a Golf forum, this delectable carbon fibre Lotus.

Head to for some more details.

7 thoughts on “Carbon Fibre Lotus Exige”

  1. Sweet titty-f**king christ!

    You know you have a non-curable disease when you feel the need to “add lightness” to an already featherweight Lotus!

  2. Oh man, you have to be signed in to view that build thread. Pity, it looks like a monster. What engine did they use, I can barely tell under all that piping but it kinda looks like they stayed with the Rover K series?

  3. Looks awesome, shame it’s an S1 though, much prefer the front end on the S2.

    Having looked at the picture of the engine bay, I’m wondering if my dream of putting a Honda NSX engine in the back of an Exige is possible. Looks like it could be shoe horned in!

  4. It’s a Audi S3 1.8T motor worked to 550hp, built (IIRC) by City Automobiles in Artarmon.

    Fitting a Honda engine (usually K20A) to a Lotus Elise/Exige is possible – there are around 15 or so in Australia and it is quite common in the UK.

    Also, this is actually a Series 1 Elise but the carbon-fibre “clams” are those of a Series 1 Exige.

    There’re a few vids on youtube:

  5. Those so&sos at that forum are waayy too proud of what they have to offer. I even registered and wasn’t allowed to read. I think I hate VW now. Seem to run into this type thing more and more with vw and other german enthusiast sites.

  6. Sorry you feel that way, I know the owners of the forum and they’re great people. You might have to make 1 intro post before you have full access to the forum, a lot of forums are like that, don’t let it leave a sour taste in your mouth.

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