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A few people have emailed me this build including Leon & also Logan from i put in WORK. I originally wasn’t going to post it because it’s pretty much all over the ‘net already, but then I realised that this is Build Threads and it needs to be here if at least for the sake archiving purposes! So here it is, the car you’ve probably already seen, an EG Civic body sitting on top of a WRX. It’s not pretty, but it does the job.

This is not the first time I’ve featured two cars spliced together, so if you’re a fan of this kind of swap you might also like the following hybrid grafts;

I’ve now created a new tag for all of these builds called “chassis swap” (for lack of a better term), so you can easily find them in the tag cloud.

Full thread:


6 thoughts on “Civic / WRX”

  1. interesting from the first few shots it looked like ass but the finished product isnt to bad i bet its alot more fun then the standard civic thats for sure now if it was just a hair lower it would be awsome

  2. Anth, With everything im so busy with, im lucky to find time for your site. And i do find time. But everything else that is “famous” on the web or whatever, I have no idea. im sure alot of your viewers are the same. So even if its been “everywhere” I wanna see it here! thx and good job!

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