Crate Cars

You’ve heard of crate engines, but what about a whole crate car? For a few years now, Dynacorn Classic Bodies have been producing all-steel replacement bodies for the ’67 & ’69 Chevy Camaro, ’47-’50 & ’52-’54 Chevy pickup (cab only), and the 67-’70 Ford Mustang.

This means no more buying rusted out shells from the junkyard or a second hand car full of suprises and spending thousands of dollars and man-hours on restorations, you simply start with a brand new shell and build from there. Prices start from $8,995 for the pickup cab, up to $16,500 for the ’70 Mustang (USD).

So which would you prefer, an original muscle car with history or a brand new re-make? Each have their pros and cons, but are they really classic muscle cars?

You can visit Dynacorns website at

Or you can see Hot Rod Magazine build there own Dynacorn Camaro here:

Thanks to Hot Rod Magazine for the images.

4 thoughts on “Crate Cars”

  1. I’m looking for a nova or a duster build or maybe a Dodge Challenger build do you guys have a kite or a kite list

  2. This isn’t the company’s website, retards. If you can’t discern this from the manufacturer I highly doubt you have the tens of thousands of dollars to acquire a kit.

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