Custom built Streetfighter

In my years of ogling over bike builds, I can’t say I’ve ever seen a sportbike with a custom made frame. I’ve seen plenty of choppers and bobbers fitted with fabricated tube-frames, or stock frames paired with hard-tail rear sections, but this streetfighter is the first time I’ve seen a modern bike with a 1-off aluminium frame hugging the driveline. There is some discussion within the thread regarding the choice of material and techniques for building the frame. I’m not qualified to comment on that stuff, all I know is it’s fun to watch things being fabricated from metal!

Thanks to Dante for submitting.

CLICK HERE for the full build thread.


2 thoughts on “Custom built Streetfighter”

  1. I think you should create/find some sort of photo gallery system so that readers can click through all the photos at once; with this many awesome photos in one place, it gets a little tedious having to click one, drool, click the back button, reload the page, click the next one, etc…

  2. I think that with this many awesome pictures in one place, you should create/find some Flash code that allows the viewers/readers to click through all the pictures without having to click the back button, reload the page, and all that tedious stuff.

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