Custom CNC-built bike

So, I heard you like CNC machined parts? Check out the astonishing amount of work being poured into this 1-off bike by Shaun Wainford, the man behind SW Engineering. Having a CAD/CNC setup in your home would deinitely come in handy for hobbies like ours, and Shaun definitely makes full use of the tools on offer.

Thanks to Matt for submitting.

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5 thoughts on “Custom CNC-built bike”

  1. what an awesome build – anyone who thinks this guy is taking shortcuts using CNC equipment is kidding themselves.
    Lots of work, detail and thought in this – nice

  2. Another great build, but I gotta say I’m not diggin’ the new layout. It was much nicer being able to scroll through all the photos instead of click on each one and then click back.

    I do some web design so I know how it feels when people bitch about the service you are providing for free, so please don’t change it on my account. I’m sure you had a good reason for changing, just thought I’d offer some user feedback. Thanks for all your posts!

  3. I appreciate the feedback, Marc, and I was actually wondering what people thought of the gallery-style layout. The truth is I noticed the function after the last WP update, so I thought I’d give it a go. Turns out that it cuts the time it takes me to set up a post dramatically, so it’s purely a time-saving decision, as I already feel bad for not releasing content quick enough so this tends to help me get posts up quicker.

    I too prefer to see images in full-size, and I hate when people use thumbnails in their forum threads, so I know where you’re coming from.

  4. Suggestion: Add some kind of lightbox plugin, eg. colorbox, to the site, so that we still can have a “walkthrou” through the images 😉

    (of corpse that would need proper titleing, but aside of that .. easy-peasy ;))

    cu, w0lf.

    ps: if you need help with that, just ask.

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