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Just west of Chicago in Plainfield, Illinois, resides an automotive workshop named Fluid MotorUnion. What sets this shop apart from others isn’t just the diverse range of cars they work on, nor is it the fact they do everything from minor servicing to bespoke fabrication, bodywork, engine conversions and tuning under the one roof. No, what sets them apart is the fact that they have a full-time web guru on the payroll who constantly updates their blog with the daily goings-on of the shop, taking sharp DSLR photos of all their work, including their gorgeous TIG welded exhausts. I don’t know of any other workshop that posts this frequently and in such detail about what they do behind closed (or open) doors. If you do, then let me know.

I’ve been following their frequent and witty-titled updates on Stanceworks for years now, and always like what I see, so I thought I’d share this source of automotive indulgence with you all. In fact, I have previously featured one of their builds, the FMU BMW X5, where I briefly touched on my penchant for these guys. Let me be clear, this is not an advertisement, I just really like what they do and how they do it. Head below to see what I’m talking about.

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CLICK HERE to go to the FMU blog.

CLICK HERE to go to their section of the Stanceworks forums.


4 thoughts on “Daily grind (and weld) – Fluid MotorUnion”

  1. Their website is a horrid mess of ADD laden blog posts. Same with the posts on stanceworks. They need to go through and write a clean thorough writeup of each car. IF its unfinished, then just leave it as “to be continued”.

    I’m sure these guys have some amazing work to see but I’m not all that interested in sifting through 13 blog posts for snippets of the work.

  2. Very interesting to see some of the work they do. Funny I’m only 15 min away yet have never heard of them. The daily blog is genious, I’m sure there are shops in the chi doing bigger and better things but none have the build coverage these guys do. A+

  3. Tom: My doctor will be saddened to hear that she missed my ADD diagnosis so many years ago. Also, I apologize that our current style of blogging leaves a bit to be desired.

    Although, when you’re on our website, if you click the “Projects” tab atop any page, you’ll be able to navigate by brand (and then by individual project) to read the entire build from start to finish, with every blog post we’ve written about that car. (I do have to update it with a few new ones, though, and that will happen soon)

    As much as we’d like to do it the way you propose, with some builds taking almost a year, it’d be impossible to sit on a years’ worth of information and then release it all at once. The way I do it, I’m able to show that a shop like ours isn’t some quick, hack-and-slash, fly-by-night operation whose only goal is to drain your wallet and shove you out the door. We put pride into our work, even down to the smallest detail, and we want people to see that. Good work takes time.

    Plus, the ‘stepped’ method of showcasing builds also creates a feeling of excitement and keeps people reading. If my goal is to build readership, decreasing the regularity of my posts won’t accomplish that.

    But thank you either way for taking the time to read it! And thanks to Build-Threads.com for the mini feature!

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