Datsun 240z: Projekt Hugo

From the dark depths of build thread history comes Projekt Hugo. Does anyone remember this video series about a guy from Sweden who imported a supposedly “rust free” 240z from the US, only to find it littered with rotted metal? He then proceeded to rebuild the car whilst documenting the whole thing on well-edited videos. This was before the days of Youtube or Vimeo and before every car guy was a photographer/videographer, so a series of clips like this was a big deal back then.

Thanks to Dave for reminding me about it.


CLICK HERE for a Youtube playlist of the series, conveniently uploaded by someone else.

CLICK HERE to download the full list of videos.

CLICK HERE for the 240+ page build thread (in Swedish).

CLICK HERE to read about Projekt Hugo in English.


3 thoughts on “Datsun 240z: Projekt Hugo”

  1. I have held out for years wanting this one to come out of cold storage. Way too many epic builds seem to die on the downhill side of the journey.

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