Jun’s Datsun 510 Wagon

This next build has been a favourite of mine since I first laid eyes on it, I’ve read it countless times and it always makes me want to run out to the garage and start working on my own car. Jun is one of those people who gets it, his modification technique is very detailed yet not too mechanically intense, anyone with a vision and some elbow grease can emulate it, he even inspired me to ‘do work’ on my own engine bay instead of continually delaying it. This 510 wagon gets a serious dose of Japanese style, helped along by it’s owners visits to the motherland, bringing home swag on the return-flights home.

There’s no need to feel disappointed when you get to the end of this build, as you’ll see that Jun has recently picked up a Datsun 620 4WD, and he’s working his token magic on that ride, too.

CLICK HERE for the full build thread.


3 thoughts on “Jun’s Datsun 510 Wagon”

  1. A lovely share. I remember stumbling onto Jun’s thread a fair ago and loving the amount of detail the guy would go into. Where as most folk just bolt things back on, only really worrying about torque measurements for things like the engine and drive train, Jun would torque each bolt to the specified amount.

    A man that lives out the OCD side of some of us.

  2. Damn, that’s another long thread I’ve had to send to instapaper. Love the epically OCD detail Jun goes into. I think me an him would get on really well.

    Really need to get myself an ipad so I can go down and sit on the couch and read these threads.

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