Desert Racer Fabrication

Whilst doing my daily statistics check on the blog, I noticed i was getting clicks from Performance Forums. When I followed the link I was greeted by a thread loaded with some of the member’s favourite builds, and the following feature is one of them.

Desert Racing is a big-dollar sport, and the no-expense spared trucks are assembled with some of the most impressive fabrication you’re ever likely to see. They need to withstand the extreme levels of punishment associated with driving in some of the worlds harshest terrain. If you’re not into off-road racing, I’m sure you’ll at least be captivated by the builds that go along with it.

CLICK HERE for the full build thread.

10 thoughts on “Desert Racer Fabrication”

  1. His name is Ben Heath from San Diego and he’s one of the best fabricators and welders I’ve ever met. He’s also a WIZ at solid works and has helped us design products for and He has mad skills and is in his early 20’s!! The photos was when he worked for Terrible Herbst, an insane shop for sure.

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