E30 M3 + E39 M5 V8

This car is an insant favourite wherever its posted on the net. It seems everyone has a soft spot for E30 BMW’s, and this one is definitely praiseworthy.

I’m not one of those people who turns up their nose when a person chooses to use a motor from a different manufacturer for an engine swap. I like the way people stuff LS1’s, 2JZ’s, SR20’s and 13b’s into all different kinds of cars, but I always think it’s more appealing when a motor from the same stable is used, it just seems “right”.

That premise applies to this E30 which has had an S62 V8 from an E39 M5 shoehorned into the engine bay, and then a turbo strapped to each side. When you see an example like this it’s easy to see why E30’s are universally loved by most car enthusiasts. It doesn’t get much better than this.

According to the owner, the car has been in winter storage since last November, but work is set to commence soon. So keep an eye on the build thread for updates.

3 thoughts on “E30 M3 + E39 M5 V8”

  1. bom dia .. gostaria de saber qual a cintralina que usaram para o motor v8 do m5 , tenho um mas com a cintralina de origem e entra em moto de segurança

  2. Hi there i just about to start the same build just wonder if there was any help full tips you could share with me to help me along the way and would you have some more detailed pics please.
    i see a lot of e30 with the boot bar and going thorw the floor to strengthen the rear end if you have do this would you have some pic to give me a better idea of how its do the right way.

    PS very very nice build.

    kind regards
    Darren Gyles

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