E30 M3 Restoration

I’ve featured a few E30’s now, and I’ve said numerous times that they’re universally loved the world over, I don’t know what it is about them but they just seem to push everyone’s buttons. VDubbin recently submitted this one to me, a full and very thorough restoration including detailed rust-repairs, acid dipping, lots of bodywork, cavity waxing, a super-detailed gearbox overhaul, and some Simpsons quotes thrown in for good measure – all adds up to an automatic win in my books.

Note: There seems to be a limited amount of pages you can view on the forum as a guest, I found myself having to sign up to continue reading, but you should be able to view the whole thread from start to finish if you do it in one go.

Some great progress has been made, but there’s still more to come, so keep checking the build thread for updates http://www.e30owners.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4446


7 thoughts on “E30 M3 Restoration”

  1. Hey guys,

    Im the owner of the website this build is featured on (E30owners.com)and due to the large amount of traffic the thread is receiving i have extended “the limted guest viewing” feature so now ye should all be able to view the complete thread without having the register on the site!


  2. Wow! I love these resto builds. I want to do a resto someday. I’m thinking model A roadster. That should go well with my WRX daily driver.

  3. I’ve just spent the best part of 4 hours reading through this awesome thread! The level of detail, and creative writing for that matter, is exceptional and I’ve bookmarked it so that I can keep up to date with it.

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