E46 M3 Road-to-Race

How many times have you caught yourself daydreaming about turning your road-going pride and joy into an all-out race car? A stripped interior, beefy roll cage, some fixed bucket seats, sticky rubber, top of the line suspension, and of course some engine upgrades to round it off…sound accurate? Come and take a look as a lucky E46 M3 road car gets the race car make over we all desire.

Thanks to Jaime for submitting.

CLICK HERE for the full build thread.


3 thoughts on “E46 M3 Road-to-Race”

  1. Well that is a fairly ridiculous build (in a good way). I can’t even imagine the amount of money invested in a project like that. I’d love to see video of it in action, along with some dyno pulls.

    Great find!

  2. hey im not gonna lie. im not a fan of the wing but everything else is sick as hell. makes me wanna doi this to my road going car. but im sure the money invested in this thing would be way over what i could afford.

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