Eurowise AWD Mk1 GTI

I think I better feature this build just so people stop submitting it! Around 3 or 4 people have emailed me various links to this car in the last month, including one of the men behind it, Mike from Eurowise. Once you take a look at the images, you’ll see why it’s getting so much attention. Already the recipient of one very nice build including a turbo’d 16V 2.0, the car has recently been torn down for a full overhaul. It’s no secret I’m a big fan of MK1 Golfs, and even though I like them a bit more sedately built, this one takes things to the extreme with an engine, driveline, and floorplan being swapped under it from a MKIV R32 Golf, including the AWD system. I especially like how the MKIV rear end was shortened and sectioned to fit inside the dimensions of the MK1 body, instead of just tacking on some wheel arch flares or going widebody. Did I mention it’s also going to be twin turbo?

CLICK HERE for the full build thread. The car isn’t quite finished but the updates are coming in constantly.


6 thoughts on “Eurowise AWD Mk1 GTI”

  1. I am both in awe and envy. Everyone thinks that converting an old VW to awd is a waste of time and money, but I still want to do it. Even though it been a while since you did this, I’d rather have someone who’d already mastered the learning curve advise me. Can we talk???

  2. my dad and i are picking up an 84 rabbit gti planning on doing a similar build if there is anyplaces that i can find parts easily i know of a few but i can always have more resources. and another question is the awd out of the mk4 r32 the only awd drivetrain that will work for the mk1? please email me if anyone has any information at all

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