F20C-powered BMW 2002

Over the past 3+ years that I’ve been running this site, there’s been a few builds out there that are so popular they get submitted to me by multiple readers, and this thread falls into that category. However, the submissions weren’t even necessary this time, as I have been lucky enough to follow this build since the thread was first created. Kevin, the cars owner, is a one man building machine, doing everything on this little BMW, from fabrication to bodywork, rust repairs to paint, and now the currently-in-progress F20C engine conversion. I’ve personally enjoyed every update of this well-photographed thread, and hope you will keep following it.

CLICK HERE for the full build thread.


3 thoughts on “F20C-powered BMW 2002”

  1. Hey,

    nice car, and i have the same one.
    If I may ask you a question, how did you manage to fit the 17 Zoll Weels ????
    I would like to do the same ….
    Greets H.

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