F20C TA22

As far as cross breeding goes, I’d say this is pretty subtle. An F20C 2.0L from a Honda S2000 gets transplanted into a 1973 TA22 Toyota Celica. That classic Japanese shape reflects the golden years of JDM styling, while the contemporary heart hailing from a different manufacturer – yet the same country of origin – showcases just how far 4cylinder technology has developed. The owner has managed to capture the best of both worlds, old and new, without going so far as to make a Frankenstein out of the car.

Submitted by Jimmy, a fellow ex-S15 owner from MelbS15.com.

CLICK HERE for the full build thread.


7 thoughts on “F20C TA22”

  1. hey everyone! Sorry for the late reply.

    but i wasnt aware that my car was being displayed here!

    But anywho thanks for posting my car here! Glad some of you guys like it too!

    for xonix_digital: yes bonzai FTL. i now have a set of staggerd SSR Dori Dori wheels!

  2. I am interested in doing a similar engine swap, Honda B series into a mini circle track race truck. What transmission and bell housing will bolt to the Honda engine? I am also limited by rules to a single carb. any suggestions? There is not a lot of info out on Honda swaps, all help is much appreciated

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