Fabrication 101: CBR600

When someone emails me and tells me they learnt their skills working at NASA as a machinist and composite fabrication tech, you can bet your torque wrench that I’m gonna sit up and take notice. Not only has Chris used aerospace grade aluminium and carbon fiber on this highly customised CBR, but he also puts his talents to good use making non motor-powered parts, namely knives.

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6 thoughts on “Fabrication 101: CBR600”

  1. Now that is pure pr0n! I’ve bookmarked the build so I can properly enjoy all of it after work.

  2. Read the whole thread and I am inspired to hit the garage and get working on my project now! He is truly talented and he was so thorough with that build! Makes me want to get into the bike world, simply amazing.

  3. Dan, the bike world is amazing–get into it as fast as you can and experience the exhilaration you have never thought existed. With this handsome build of a power bike, just imagine what you can do–gone in 60 seconds!

  4. Very nice work! Amazing bike…. Do you have more photos from the spring leg and the baffle at the gooseneck (SC33?)?

  5. hi
    great job beautiful bike I would like to know if you have any drawings or size of the plate for lighthouse

  6. I’ve been kicking around the idea of converting my Honda CBR F3 into a street fighter for years. Your build is hands down the best looking street fighter I’ve ever laid eyes on. I can’t wait to get started on mine.

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