Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo Ute – Part 4

Part 4 is here! In this update we see the cooling system take shape, along with intercooler piping and some interior upgrades.

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The ute is coming along really well this week, Porter and Grub set a goal of getting it finished from a fabrication point this week so had a massive list to complete, everything from radiator mounts, seat mounting, hot and cold side piping, steering sorted etc.

Porterutebuild 023

With all the mechanical parts fitted to the car is was a matter of joining it all up. The position of the radiator and intercooler is very important, as you want maximum airflow across both items while maintaining super short piping.

Porterutebuild 019

 Slotting a Fenix radiator in was the first choice as we have tested these units in many other cars and they seem to work well. On top of that they are nice company to deal with from an after sales and customer service point of view.

Porterutebuild 032

The radiator mounts are very cool, it seems the longer the ute stays here the more custom parts get created and fitted. The more we look the more we find. Amazing.

Porterutebuild 033

Using hex key bolts for certain brackets makes them very easy to remove and install, plus they look a lot neater. Once this is painted up it is going to look killer.

Porterutebuild 022

Check out the intercooler loop that grub put together, this makes dropping the cooler very easy and allows us to stick it exactly where we want it.

Porterutebuild 036

Next up it is intercooler piping, as you can see there are very few bends in it, this is not by chance. We cant wait to see how responsive this GTW turbo is going to be with the short, straight piping.

Porterutebuild 042

To aid in the performance of this turbo, porter has fitted a Turbosmart Raceport BOV.

Porterutebuild 043

With both the cooler pipes done, it was time to start on the intake pipe. Grubbo had an idea on how we can get that super cold air into this beast.

Porterutebuild 048

Now although this would have been highly effective, it would limit the amount of events it would be able to race in. Unable to fit a bonnet because there is a 3 meter intake pipe sticking out of the engine was a problem. Back to the drawing board, they come up with something much nicer.

Porterutebuild 051

Fits really well and as you can see, more straight pipes mean better airflow into the turbo. This will also sound wicked under full noise.

Porterutebuild 077

Grubbo still wasn’t settled on the design for the intake, so he set about getting the best of both worlds and fitted more intake pipe into the headlight to maximize the cold air available to the turbo. This can also be adapted later to be fitted to the intake directly.

Porterutebuild 092

Next on the list was to weld the boss kit in place and fit this fancy OMP racing wheel. Now although they charge like a wounded Commodore, they are a good bit of gear and in the long run well worth it.

Porterutebuild 066

OMP also make seats…really impressive seats. Porter is over 6ft yet these seats still fit him like a glove, with a huge range of sizes are available as well. Safety is often overlooked when it comes to car builds. Spend the money on this gear guys, it’s well worth it.

Porterutebuild 095

As you can see, these have great side impact protection, with the seats in place the quality of the cage became even more apparent, you don`t often see that level of clearance with a rollcage.

Porterutebuild 005

With the seats fitted, steering wheel in place and the engine and gearbox connected to the diff, the utes short and violent holiday at Cafe del Grubbo was over. The next step for the ute is to head back to Porter Performance and Steering to get stripped, painted and start the final assembly.

Stay tuned for the next instalment..

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  1. It s always the most fun part of any build when you can start bolting parts back on for the final time. The rear end is in and looks amazing.

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