Forgotten Builds: ’70 VW Notch

I’ve lost track of how long this build has been sitting in my drafts, but I look at it every time I access the back-end of the site and check it’s link for updates but sadly come up empty handed. It’s one of the many threads out there that sit forever in cyber limbo, forgotten or neglected by their owners for whatever reason, the prospect of another update dwindling, sustaining life only by the few readers who bump the thread periodically with an optimistic “any updates?”, or “what ever happened to this?”. Well, I don’t care if it isn’t finished, or if it ever will be, because I think it’s cool enough for everyone to check out, even if only for the amount of awesome garage photos there are.

CLICK HERE for the full build thread.


2 thoughts on “Forgotten Builds: ’70 VW Notch”

  1. awwww i know the owner of this personally. the project came to a hault due to no where to work on it.

    the owner of the rabbit you see in the pictures was co-renting the garage space with shaun (the notch owner) eventually clayton built his own garage and moved both cars there, but as life moves on so do more projects and they just didn’t have the space for both cars. I’m not 100% sure where the notch is right now, but i don’t think its a place where much work can be done.

    Also shaun is photographer, and after losing the garage space, and i think mainly the losing the pace they had going, he’s gotten back into the photography in a big way.

  2. thanks for chiming in, Chris! It’s a shame it never got finished, hopefully one day he’ll get back into it.

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