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I’m a member of many different forums, but I’m not much of a poster. JDM Style Tuning was one of the first forums that I really got involved in, posting regularly and attending meets. While I don’t post there much these days, I still like to read the forum almost daily and make the odd post every now and then. There are a number of great builds on the forum, so I thought I’d do a little spotlight on some of my favourites in no particular order. Please note, this is not a “best of”, it’s just the ones that tickle my fancy. There’s a few builds to get through, so I’ll split them up over a few different posts over the next couple of months in between regular build features.



This little white Honda City starts out as something I would describe as having the appearance of a ‘tooth on wheels’. It doesn’t look like this for long, though, as the owner tears into it and creates a bright orange, wide-body, D16 turbo converted bulldog.

– Honda City Turbo2



The original plan for this 1st-gen CRX was a simple restoration, but that plan soon changed into a full race-spec Mugen replica with clinical levels of cleanness.

– CRX Mugen resurection



This Nissan Ti is the owners 4th R31 Skyline. Being well-versed with the ’31 platform, he goes through a number of desirable wheel options before settling on a set of 17″ Panasports coupled with drastic lowering. Apart from the fantastic exterior appearance, it also sports a delectably 80’s interior (can you say buttoned velour and factory headphones?) and an aftermarket-turbo propelled RB25 under the bonnet.

– RB25 R31 Skyline



You know when you’re modding your car with all those budget-conscious and second-hand bits, but you really wish you could just splash out on all the best brand name parts to create the ultimate vision for your car? No? Just me? Well this RX7 is one of those lucky cars that doesn’t belong to a tightass owner like myself, it gets gifted with all the good stuff from Work, Recaro, Takata, Nardi, Tial plus a host of OEM Mazda goodies. To go along with the drool-worthy parts list, the original 13B gets tossed out and replaced with a built 20B turbo.

– 20B FC RX7

Stay tuned for more JDMST builds in the future!


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