Forum spotlight: JDMST (pt2)

Here’s Part 2 of my insight into some of my favourite builds from the JDM Style Tuning forums.

For Part 1, click here.


If there’s any car that truly embodies the term “JDM style tuning”, it’s this Corolla. Apart from the 4AGE 20V engine conversion, the owner spends an exceptional amount of time and effort tracking down the rarest and most obscure JDM options that were once available for the car.

JDM AE100 Toyota Corolla



A blogger himself, Adam chronicles his automotive journey in infinite detail. After cutting his teeth on an MX5 and catching the drift bug, he makes the transition to RB Nissan powered machines. Watch as he transforms his Stagea from a family wagon to a slammed drift car.

– Nissan Stagea drift car



From dead standard, to hardparked stance hero, to turbocharged track warrior, this NA Mazda MX5 goes through continual evolution at the hands of it’s owner, Charlie, culminating in a cover shoot for Fast Fours magazine and a following the world over.

– Track-spec Mazda MX5



Meet Ryan. When it comes to his cars, Ryan has OCD. He also seems to be on a mission to try out as many different cars as possible. At last count he’s owned a KE70 Corolla, S13 180SX, Toyota Cressida, this Golf, and currently an E36 BMW. This particular build sees him buying 2 MK1 Golfs and combining the best of the two to create one exceptional little hatch.

– Rupert: MK1 Golf


Stay tuned for part 3 (and many more)


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