Hand-built LS1 MR track car

Attention tech-heads, here’s one for you. If you like CAD drawings, stress-tests, loading simulations, suspension pickup point design, and a whole bunch of other stuff that’s way over my head, then you’ll enjoy this build. This is one mans quest to design and build his own mid-mounted turbo LS1 powered track car over in Germany, reminding me a bit of the previously featured Bentley Speed 8 replica build.

Thanks to James from carthrottle.com for submitting.

CLICK HERE for the full build thread (still on-going)


2 thoughts on “Hand-built LS1 MR track car”

  1. isn’t the lad that build it from the US? He has another build thread up for that car on the Locost USA forum, which you should take a good look at btw 😉

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