KE70 ground up restoration

Here’s a great DIY ground-up build of a neat little JDM styled KE70 Corolla, complete with 4AGE power. I admire people who do ground-up builds at home without any major help from workshops. I’d love to do this one day to a 2-door USDM 510 shell, making everything clean and as-new from top to bottom.

Thanks to Sebatian for the submit.

Full build thread:

6 thoughts on “KE70 ground up restoration”

  1. whoa that’s an intense rebuild! love the paint…

    quick ? .. what’s the difference between a ke70 and a te72? i’ve always known them as a te72 and searching just states engine and suspension differences. is that it?

  2. as you said, the only diferences are engine and suspension

    Toyota uses this scheme for codenaming
    first leter: engine type
    second leter: chassis type
    first number: car generation
    second number: body type

    with that you have: KE70, “K” toyota K engine, “E” is the letter for the corolla, “7” seventh generation, “0” sedan. And TE72, “T” toyota T engine, “E” corolla, “7” seventh gen, “2” also for sedan.
    And also you decode the migthy AE86, “A” toyota A engine (4AGE), “E” corolla body, “8” eigth gen, “2” coupe body.
    In fact Teddy’s car should be a AE70 😉

    as they say, the *E7* is the grandfather of the AE86

  3. Did you do the bolts that hold the wheels centres up to tension, or just did them ‘tight’?

    Just curious as I wanna find out the proper tension when I pull my Professor’s apart 😀

  4. that’s really nice rebuild job.i’m also wanna do it to my car that i just bought.but i’m not an expert person..however,i wanna try to do myself and i will do my best.i hope u can give me some advices to built a perfect toyota ke70 GL.

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