Lamborghini Miura

I was browsing Retro Rides today and came across this link. I’ve got a real soft spot for old exotics and the Lamborghini Miura is one of the most desirable cars from the early years of supercar development. This one has seen better days, but it wouldn’t be on this site if it wasn’t receiving some much needed love and attention.

Sadly, the car is still unfinished. Join me in praying for updates.

More info:


7 thoughts on “Lamborghini Miura”

  1. can anyone tell if its a real SV? The badges say so..but many people like to throw those on after the fact? Either way, this whole build is awesome.

  2. Have a read of the build, Joe, it’s quite interesting and you’ll see that the car had some SV parts fitted when it was near new, and now they have decided to convert it to full SV spec.

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