Lancia Delta Evo1

The Lancia Delta is a car that I personally imagine to be on similar ground to the E30 M3. By that I mean that it seems to be almost universally loved by car enthusiasts the world over. Maybe not as much as the BMW, but there are no shortage of people who will declare their love for this boxy hatchback.

First up I have to say a huge thank you to Maccan from for not only submitting this build but also giving me a bit of a run-down on the project since the whole thread is in Swedish.

The car is being built for track duties, with a custom bodykit being moulded out of carbon & fiberglass, with lexen windows continuing the lightweight theme. Underneath, there are plans for a flat floor and rear diffuser to try to keep it stuck to the ground.

The engine is fully forged & balanced with a rear mounted radiator, aiming to produce around 550-600bhp when it is completed.

The actual project is not finalised yet, so peep the thread and check back for updates.

Full build thread:

10 thoughts on “Lancia Delta Evo1”

  1. Hi there, nice to see interest in my build.
    for everyone who wants to know more spec or have any questions can allways write questions or coments in English, when I know that it could be a bit tricky for most people to understand Swedish.
    Best regards
    Peter Pentell

  2. Thanks guys. when i´m out traveling during the weeks, u most likely cant see any progress untill sundays.
    thats when I usually have time to update.
    but keep stoping by.


  3. Peter, can you please tell me where you got the Martini Racing rocket cover from, I am assuming you had it made.
    I am currently rebuilding my own version of a Lancia Integrale “Martini” inspired car, and that rocket cover would be perfect.

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