In the past I’ve seen plenty of pictures of NA MX5’s with their windscreens chopped off, hurling around a race track with a minimal amount of metal left on the car in the interests of faster lap times. But I have to say, this would be the first time I’ve seen the same treatment being given to a newer, NC model MX5. Not only has it been put on a healthy weight loss program, it also now has an LS3 V8 sitting in front of the lucky driver, new custom front and rear subframes, plus a whole lot of other stuff you should definitely check out below.

Thanks to Jon for submitting.

CLICK HERE to see the project in full. Go to the bottom of the page and work your way up, or use the index.


5 thoughts on “LS3 NC MX5”

  1. Incredible fabrication skills and the end result is definitely a monster. But as a die-hard Miata fan, the transformation makes me sad… That poor NC!

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