LSX Ford Focus

Here’s another car that’s a bit left-of-field. Daniel submitted this one, a little Ford Focus packing some GM V8 grunt with a healthy sized turbo hanging off it for some extra fun. Unfortunately there’s quite a few dead pics in the thread, hopefully they come back online soon.

Can’t wait to see how this one progresses, head to to follow the build.


5 thoughts on “LSX Ford Focus”

  1. The owners name is Tim and he’s from Jonesboro, AR. The car has been constantly modded ever since he bought it, supercharged to turbo on the 4cyl to a turbo v8. He has put a ton of work into it and here’s to him getting it on the road.

  2. my mates got an 09 focus stock, and it beat a SS commodore i think it was the same year the most recent Monaro was made, any way, the focus was first to 100 kph, (kept it legal on a free way) and the got shitty and threatened to beat us up, it may have been coz i asked where they got the fake SS badge from. lol.

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