LSx powered E36 BMW

Ahh, the humble LSx swap. Some people might think that LS-swaps are overdone, played out, or whatever your buzzword of choice is. But I guess if you provide a range of compact, affordable, reliable, and easy to tune engines, people are going to use them! Personally, I’m all for them, they look great and appear more than willing to accept power additions, either naturally or artificially aspirated. The LSx in this build is being used to power an E36 BMW, and while the swap itself is interesting enough, it was a small detail of the build that drew me in, and by small I mean one little accelerator bracket. Yep, that’s all it takes! It’s a small part but it was done so neatly that it gave me a feel for the rest of the build and made me want to read more, and I was rewarded with a whole lot of attention to detail.

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4 thoughts on “LSx powered E36 BMW”

  1. this is a totally weird thing to come across. i look at this site maybe once or twice a month and this car is actually from my hometown. my friend was actually showing me pictures of it today. He asked me if I had seen it yet and I said no of course but told him how i met the guy that owned that shop at a meet in cinncinati called bumspot. he was a super nice guy i was literally skateboarding by myself and ended up at this meet. i was wondering around looking at hondas and vw mostly talking to people i knew.when i saw this maroon e30 on black on black rs with gold bolts mind you this was at night and i was about 30ft away i walked up on it with a crowd surrounding it. it was an amazing car for real super clean m sport door handles are what really caught my eye. but after the crowd shifted to other cars i started to have conversation with this large guy with a beard his name was brian i believe. this was probably the best conversation i have ever had with a stranger about a car when i asked questions he answered and went into detail about things in the build that where weird like how he found the engine on the side of someones garage how he got the wheels for 100$ even how he bought the interior off one of the kids there. then he told me how his shop was super loud(i know arent all)but this wasnt any kind of noise it was from skateboards his shop is located under a skateshop that i actually know the owner of, there is a mini ramp in the shop that you can pay to skate haha. sorry for this long rant i just wanted to contribute a story because this was truly weird to come across especially since you’re on the other side of the planet and this shop is literally 30 miles from my house. to bad i drive a honda hahaha

  2. How can i contact.the owner, i’m doing a simular build and wanna have ac and i’ll like to know how to go about doing such

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